A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In this cute and simple yet rather challenging 2D platformer you play as a cute blob that has to save his little sister from other blobs that have turned evil. You'll make your way through levels overcoming obstacles from left to right to try and reach your sister at the end of the level.

This game was made by one person in the span of about 2 days as my submission for the "My First Game" Jam Winter 2019 edition. I joined earlier but lost my initial project due to file corruption (also a 2D platformer) about 2 days before the deadline. Restarting everything from the ground up was the birth of this lovely little blob.

As this is a demo and my first time making a game from start to finish levels have been kept short and simple. Keep in mind that there are most likely some small bugs and glitches spread here and there as the game hasn't been fully optimised yet due to lack of time. For more info on the circumstance of the development of this demo (that completely deviated from the initial project), you can check out my devlog topic in the community tab: https://itch.io/jam/my-first-game-jam-winter-2019/topic/384747/devlog-2d-platfor...

Plans to expand upon the fundamentals laid down in this demo are definitely in the works so if this demo peeked your interest, feel free to follow me to get all updates on how this project (as well as other projects) develops going into the future. 

Please feel free to give me some feedback about your experiences, bugreports,... The game was made in the Godot engine on a Mac computer so be sure to let me know about performances on Windows.

To play the game: 

-download the appropriate .zip file for your operating system

- unzip the folder and open it

On Windows:

- run the .exe file (make sure to keep the .pck file inside the folder, do not move it)

On Mac:

- open the folder and unpack the .dmg file

- run the file in the window that pops up in Finder after unpacking is done. (your computer might ask you for confirmation on if you want to unpack it due your security settings which, if you didn't change them, don't open files from unknown developers or sources without your permission)


Blobyssey_demo (Windows).zip 9 MB
Blobyessey_demo (Mac).zip 52 MB

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